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Emotional Healing.

Personal and professional meditation & healing services. Emotional Healing with Reiki, Energy Transformation, and many more fields of healing modalities.

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Hi, my name is


Welcome and thank you for visiting my website,

I hope you find it insightful and helpful. I am an energy healer, and I have trained in many fields of healing modalities. I am a Crystal Healer, an Usui Reiki Healer and practice A.M.A.H.T(Ascended Masters Ancient Healing Techniques) on all my sessions. With all of my services, I try to facilitate spiritual growth and emotional healing.

I am originally from Lima, Peru. Peru is known for its Incan Culture and its most wonderful structures left from that time, like Machu Picchu and many Incan spiritual knowledge. I have been practicing energy healing for the past eleven years and it has been a very rewarding experience and I hope to share this magnificent gift with all.

I look forward to be of assistance to you.

“Susie says just look into the mirror and see YOU. And all the angels showing you you’re beautiful.”

– Client Testimonial

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The Importance of Emotional Healing

Emotional healing is an important part of overall wellbeing and a key element to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Reiki is a powerful, holistic healing technique that focuses on the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of a person. It has been used for centuries to help promote balance, harmony and overall wellbeing. Through Reiki, practitioners are able to provide deep relaxation and help to release any blocked energy or emotions that may be causing pain or suffering. By doing so, individuals are able to experience emotional healing on a deeper level.

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