Let Susie Help You - Reiki Emotional Healing


All services are set up by appointment only. Please send your inquiry to energyhealsusie@gmail.com or call us at 929-355-4447 to set up an appointment for the service in mind.

Energy Healing

Reconnecting the body to a higher frequency of energies to received the healing needed  (treatments are offered to our animal friends too). Symptoms could be from a migraine to longer term illnesses.

Intuitive Life Coaching

Working one on one with you to help you find balance in your life and work your way to a clear and precise way to achieve your personal or professional goals. (8 weeks program, with an initial chat of about 2  hours). Other options available, will be discuss during initial chat.

Intuitive Sessions

Assisting client with personal challenges, from feeling stuck in life situations, experiencing low energies, imbalances causing anxiety, depression or other. (45 to 60 minutes)

Other Services

Additional services will be announce at a later date.


I have received help from Susie in my spiritual life. Through her insightful way to treat my personal issues I was able to find myself in better position. I do believe that Susie has the ability to connect with the spiritual world and help people like me to obtain a better purpose and acquire different understanding of a new vision in life.

Thanks Susie!


I have been Treated by Susie through weeks of coaching support and that changed my life. I received so much advice not only on my personal life but also on my professional experience at work. With the advice I received I was able to achieved a promotion at work. 

Thanks Susie!

Lourdes D.

Susie reminds me how much good I’ve done in my life n keep my head high 🙏🏻
Susie wen I tell her I just can’t go on..says u hv to try. There’s a purpose for you out there
Help ur body n soul n rest help ur body take care of ur well being 
Susie says just look into the mirror n see YOU. N All The angels showing u ur beautiful 😍 
Susie says wen stones are thrown 
Just walk away… the stones will turn around n go bk to their source 
Wen I’m sad susies words lift me so high. I forget why I was sad
Short n sweet Susie IS MY ANGEL 💕
Susie reminds me that the best part of me..is All of me!
If u want ur self n happy back…then u need to talk to Susie 


Sometimes you wonder why in life things aren’t going the way you want them to and you try your best. I have learned through Susie about how life circumstances can result from energy, created through thoughts/feelings or past lives. Susie is able to use her gifts and intuition to tune into this energy, help to explain what is going on in the non-physical world, and help me cope. She is non-judgemental which helps to create an environment which is safe to open up my vulnerabilities. I feel blessed to know Susie and am confident that she can help those who are trusting of her gifts & abilities.