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What Are The Best Crystals For Healing?

crystal healing chart

What is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is an alternative medicine technique that harnesses natural healing energy. Crystals and other stones are used to protect against harmful energies and cure ailments.

The rising trend in New Age beliefs such as mindfulness, yoga, and alternative medicine all have helped to promote the interest in Crystal Healing. For many centuries, precious stones have been believed to help people heal their souls.

Crystal healing practitioners believe that stones can be used to promote positive healing energy. Everything comes from energy force and having the right vibrational frequencies makes manifesting our wants and needs easier than ever.

energy healing crystals jewelry energy crystal chart

What Is A Healing Crystal?

Crystals are stones with unique physical characteristics that help to affect frequencies such as light refraction and electrical charge.


How does Crystal Healing Work?

A big part of the energy healing process is making sure you find and implement crystals that heal. Many people refer to crystal healing charts to discover which type of mineral is best for manifesting the energy they are seeking.

Crystal rock healing is a form of the crystal healing that uses mineral rocks.

Many cultures, including China, Greece, and Egypt, all believed that crystals had healing properties. Many proponents like to attest that crystals help increase the flow of good and positive energy. This type of energy can be used to make very impactful life choices and decisions.

Here are Let Susie Help You, we use an Usui Reiki Healer and practice AMAHT(Ascended Masters Ancient Healing techniques. I believe strongly in helping others in any way I can. As mother Earth is increasing her vibration so are we. People are now open to speak about the spiritual world, it is no longer a mystery or a taboo. Hopefully in the near future science can catch up to the spiritual world.

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energy healing crystals jewelry energy crystal chart

Benefits of Crystal Healing

Proponents of crystal healing have indicated that it helps to relieve ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, or other physical and emotional ailments.

Crystal healing also helps to harness a frequency and energy relationship that is mutually beneficial.  Crystal healing helps the soul resonate with a frequency that promotes Prosperity and positive manifestations.

Here are some listed benefits of Crystal Energy Healing

  • Charka Realignment
  • Relieves Physical Ailments
  • Relieves Emotional Ailments
  • Harnesses Positive Energy

Crystal Healing and Fashion:

Because of the energy healing that certain crystals are believed to manifest; many people wear healing crystal jewelry. This comes in many forms including healing crystal rings and healing stone bracelets. To find which crystal is best for yourself to be wearing, it is best to assess a healing crystals chart.

Here is an example of a healing chart from Healthline:

More Healing Charts:

energy healing crystals jewelry energy crystal chart

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What Crystals Are Best For Healing?

energy healing crystals jewelry energy crystal chart


Amethyst is known as one of the most divine and spiritual healing stones. It is a great tool for meditation and levitation.

Reduces: Feelings of guilt or fear, anxiety. Helps instill pleasant dreams and calmness.

Learn More About Amethyst: https://www.mycrystals.com/meaning/amethyst-meaning-and-healing-properties


energy healing crystals jewelry energy crystal chart


This crystal radiates wealth, positivity, and good health. It curbs negative energy.

Reduces: Group problems, negative energy, harmful influences. Helps to create an emotional shield.

Learn more about Citrine: https://tinyrituals.co/blogs/tiny-rituals/citrine-meaning-healing-properties


energy healing crystals jewelry energy crystal chart

Rose Quartz:

This crystal helps heal the heart chakra. Ready to restore trust, harmony and unconditional love.

Promotes: Harmony in the world

Learn More about Quartz:

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energy healing crystals jewelry energy crystal chart


This crystal brings strength, and reduces fear. It also helps to balance all sides of the mind.

Best for: Building healthy digestive system, strong bones and teeth, and building confidence.

Learn More about Tourmaline:



energy healing crystals jewelry energy crystal chart

Hopefully this helps you understand a bit more about crystal healing and the true power of transformation it brings. Thank you for reading and feel free to check out these articles for more on crystal healing




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